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iO ist Zuflucht zum Ich.
Mit acht Jahren als "Wunderkind"
in Seoul entdeckt, rührt und berührt iO
mit ihrem Spiel die Menschen in Asien, Europa und Amerika.

Pianistin iO 
Partnerin von 
Verlockt Zaubert Spaziert
im Schnee
mit einem Sonnenschirm

iO & Piano

In selecting the masterpieces of classical music, I mainly attached importance to those pieces that represent and illustrate my world of music best. The intensity of characterization with which composers like E. Satie, W. A. Mozart, J. N. Hummel, J. Field, J. S. Bach which portray the human soul and human feelings, has always fascinated me.

The works recorded here reveal how I personally interpret this kind of music. The works I selected make one perceive overwhelming love, desire and poetry. All of this can be sensed by the soul, the heart, and the feelings of the listener. All feelings enter the heart of the experienced, the inexperienced but at the same time expectant listener.

Music does not have words. That is why I decided to include pieces from my soul in this program. What attracts me so much about the relationship between music and poetry is the expressiveness of narration when both arts unite. In my interpretation, this is music without words in my mental world.

iO Pianist

iO Pianist
Mendelson Mozart Chopin Beethoven Sibelius

the art of iO 

Mrs iO was born in Seoul and was discovered to be a child prodigy when she was eight years of age. She has taught at the Academy of Music in Seoul. This internationally well-known Korean pianist gives concerts and master classes in South Korea, Japan, China and Europe. In December 2006, Mrs iO will be giving another concert in the Opera House (Gewandhaus) in Leipzig. Because of the unique manner and depth of her interpretation, she is a musician who moves and touches people’s hearts.

On the program for May 7, 2007 in the Konzerthaus (Concert Hall) am Gendarmenmarkt under the patronage of the former President of the Federal Republic Prof. Richard von Weizsäcker were works by Mozart, Beethoven, Satie, Handel, Dvorak, and Sibelius.

“In the works which I have chosen, it is possible to detect an overwhelming love which gives rise to pain, longing and poetry. All of this is something which can be felt by the soul, the heart and the feelings of the hearer.”

With her brilliant and sensitive playing, the pianist iO conveys the poetry and purity of the musical works. Some of the works which she plays have been adapted by Mrs iO herself. They take the hearer on a journey into the world of her soul. The intention of the musician is to use the pieces which she has carefully chosen to tell a story which the listener will want to hear from beginning to end.

“What I find so captivating about the relationship between music and poetry is the expressiveness of the storytelling when the two artistic forms are combined.”

Among other things, Mrs iO’s strength lies in the particular tenderness and poetic expressiveness with which she interprets the works of Erik Satie. She is one of the few pianists to have specialised in works by E. Satie.

In Germany, the pianist has already published the CD with the title “the art of iO”. This will in August of this year be followed by two further recordings, one of which will only contain works by Satie – among others, the largely unknown 7eme Gnossienne, Alez, Calme. On the second CD entitled “Poesie (Poetry)”, it will be possible to hear works by Chopin, J. Rodrigo, Beethoven, Debussy, Grieg, Shostakovich, and others.

“When choosing masterpieces of classical music, I think that it is particularly important to combine pieces which best represent and tell my world of music.”

Pianist iO’s greatest desire is to help children and place her musical gift at the service of this cause. Her earnings and the proceeds from the concerts go to UNICEF. Further benefit concerts are planned for UNICEF in Germany and Europe in the future.

“Children cannot choose where they are born. Hunger and disease are the cause of much suffering for many. We cannot forget the children who are suffering on this Earth simply because we are not confronted by them everyday. All the time I can still move my fingers, I will continue with my task!”Dr. Elisabeth Henze
Berlin, September 2006


Pianistin iO
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60 years UNICEF

Benefiz Konzert mit der Pianistin iO

am 07. Mai 2006

Bundespräsident a. D.
Prof. Dr. Richard von Weizsäcker

iO Pianist
Partnerin of UNICEF
Benefiz Konzert mit der Pianistin iO

am 01. Dezember 2006

Ministerpräsident a. D.
Prof.Dr. Kurt H. Biedenkopf

CD`s of iO 

The Art of iO Erik Satie of iO Poesie of iO

"The Art of iO"
E. Satie 3 Gymnopédies, 3 ème Gymnopedie, Lent et grave
J. Field Nocturne in G major, Nr.12, Lento
J. Haydn Sinfonia No.94 “Surprise” in G major, Hob 1/94, Andante, 2nd Movement
(Piano arrangement by iO)
E. Satie 7 Gnossiennes, 5 ème Gnossienne, Modéré
W. A. Mozart Piano concerto in C major KV 467, Andante, 2nd Movement
(Piano arrangement by iO)
E. Satie 7 Gnossiennes, 1ère Gnossienne, Lent
                         2 ème Gnossienne, Ave étonnement
J. N. Hummel Variations sur un thème d’Armide de Gluck op.57, Var.9
Adagio espressivo
F. Chopin Prélude in e minor, op.23, Nr.4, Largo
J. Field Nocturne in e minor, Nr.10, Adagio
J. Field Nocturne in B flat major, Nr.5, Andantino cantabile
W. A. Mozart Piano concerto in A major KV 414, Andante Sostenuto, 2nd Movement
(Piano arrangement by iO)
L. v. Beethoven Symphony No.5 in C minor, op.67, Andante con moto, 2nd Movement
(Piano arrangement by iO)
J. Haydn Piano concerto in D major, Hob. XVIII:11, un poco Adagio, 2nd Movement
(Piano arrangement by iO)
A. Dvorak Symphony No.9 in E minor, op.95, “From the new world”, Largo, 2nd Movement
(Piano arrangement by iO)
L. v. Beethoven Sonata in C minor op.27 Nr.2 (Sonata quasi una fantasia),
Adagio sostenuto, first Movement

"Erik Satie of iO"
         1 ère  Gnossienne, Lent
     2 ème Gnossienne, Avex étonnement
     3 ème Gnossienne, Lent
     4 ème Gnossienne, Lent
     5 ème Gnossienne, Modéré
     7 ème Gnossienne, Allez
     1 ère  Gymnopédie, Lent et douloureux
     2 ème Gymnopédie, Lent et triste
     3 ème Gymnopédie, Lent et grave

"Poesie of iO"
C. Debussy

Préludes VIII., La fille aux cheveux de lin
Trés calme et doucement expressif

E. Grieg

(Lyrische Stücke), Arietta
Op. 12, poco Andante e sostenuto

P. I. Tschaikowsky

Die Jahreszeiten Op. 37a, Herbstlied (Oktober)
Andante – doloroso e molto cantabile

F. Chopin

Preludes Op. 28,
No. 13, Fis-dur, Lento

F. Chopin

Preludes Op. 28,
No. 6, h-moll, Assai Lento

J. Rodrigo

Aranjuez, ma pensée
Tema del Adagio del “Concierto de Aranjuez”

R. Wagner

Ouverture Tannhäuser, Andante maestoso
(Bearbeitung von iO)

L. v. Beethoven

Klavierkonzert Nr. 5, Op. 73, Es-dur, 2. Satz, Adagio un poco moto
(Bearbeitung von iO)

F. Chopin

Sonate II., op. 35,
Marche funébre, Lento Trauer Marsch

D. Schostakowitsch

Klavierkonzert No. 2, Op. 102, 2. Satz, Andante
(Bearbeitung von iO)

R. Schumann

Op. 15 Träumerei



Selected works "The Art of iO"
  Title File size
J. Field Nocturne in G-Dur, Nr. 12, Lento 1,2 MB (56kbit/s, MP3)
E. Satie 7 Gnossiennes: 5ième Gnossiene Modéré 1,3 MB (56kbit/s, MP3)

Selected works "Erik Satie of iO"
  Title File size
E. Satie 7 Gnossiennes: 1ière Gnossiene Lent 1,8 MB (56kbit/s, MP3)

Selected works "Poesie of iO"
  Title File size
E. Grieg (Lyrische Stücke), Erotik Op. 43 Lento molto 1,5 MB (56kbit/s, MP3)

Television report of tv berlin
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Quicktime (.mov) hoch 72 MB
Quicktime (.mov) mittel 31 MB
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